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The YFX Symbol Data indicator is used to display all the information about the current chart symbol. The indicator makes it easy to examine much more information than just the bid/ask price. Information is categorized as follows:

  • Basic Information
  • Timeframe Information
  • Date/Time Information
  • Lot Information
  • Tick Information
  • Swap Information
  • Margin Information
  • Leverage Information
  • Other Information
All the information can be displayed on the chart so that it can be easily read. The indicator also has parameters that can be set to customize which information is displayed. Also note that the categories are not mutually exclusive. Information may be applicable to multiple categories but will only be shown in one section for simplicity.

Basic Information

Basic information is the most generic information about a symbol. It includes the symbol name, bid/ask prices, and spread data. It also includes the low price and high price reached during the current period. These values are different than what is shown in the MT4 terminal where only the daily high and low are shown. This symbol data shows the data for a specific chart period. It should be noted that the values are calculated dynamically and are more accurate when the indicator is used for a complete period.

Timeframe Information

The timeframe information contains more details about the current timeframe being used on the chart. The information contains the remaining time left in the timeframe, a user-friendly description about the timeframe, and whether trading is allowed for the symbol on the timeframe.

Date/Time Information

Different date and times are shown for various items. The dates and times for the local computer and server computer are shown. The time of the last tick is also displayed.

Lot Information

The lot information contains all lot data provided by the broker for the current symbol. In this section are the default lot size for the account. The lot step size is the default increment by which lot sizes can be changed. The minimum and maximum lot sizes are also shown.

Tick Information

Related to the lot information is the tick information. In this section are all the details about ticks for the current chart symbol. The section contains the tick size and point size as well as the value of each tick. The number of digits used for the symbol is also shown.

Swap Information

Many traders are aware of swap and interest rates but not many can explain exactly how much the rates are calculated for a specific currency. This indicator takes all the guess work out and display all the swap information. It display the price for shorting a lot of the current symbol. It also displays the price of holding a lot long. It also displays the swap calculation method used by the broker.

Margin Information

All the margin-related information is displayed for the symbol. This information includes the amount of margin required to open a lot of the symbol. Other margin amount are less used but displayed. These margin amounts are the initial margin, maintenance margin, and hedge margin.

Leverage Information

The leverage information is also displayed. This is the amount of leverage offered by the broker. The stop out level is displayed. If the broker has limitations on whether orders can be made/changed within certain point ranges, then this information is displayed on the screen.

Other Information

Any other known information about the current symbol is shown in the last section. This section is not displayed by default but can be changed in the indicator input parameters.


The Symbol Data indicator has many parameters that can be used to customize one’s experience. Parameters are categorized as follows:

  • Yancy Indicator Parameters
  • Display Parameters
  • GUI Parameters
  • Font Parameters
  • Color Parameters
It should be noted that the user does not have to change any parameters for the indicator to work. All parameters have default values that have the lowest impact on the indicator and user. The Symbol Data is designed to work perfectly by just placing it on a chart.

All the parameters are assigned to default values that should fine in most cases. It is advised not to change values until one becomes more familiar with the indicator. Then specific parameters can be tested to verify which functions of the indicator are impacted by which parameters.

Yancy Indicator Parameters

These parameters control the overall functionality of the indicator. More specifically, it controls how the Symbol Data is used within the trading terminal. The parameters in this section are:

IndicatorName – Default: YFX Symbol Data
This is the indicator name that is displayed in the chart data window. Changing this value does not impact the indicator’s calculations.

Display Parameters

Section of parameters that control what information is actually displayed on the chart.

DisplayTextOnScreen - Default: true
If true, then display basic information on the chart
DisplayTimeFrameInformation - Default: true
If true, then display timeframe information on the chart
DisplayDateTimeInformation - Default: true
If true, then display date/time information on the chart
DisplayLotInformation - Default: true
If true, then display lot information on the chart
DisplayTickInformation - Default: true
If true, then display tick information on the chart
DisplaySwapInformation - Default: true
If true, then display swap information on the chart
DisplayMarginInformation - Default: true
If true, then display margin information on the chart
DisplayLeverageInformation - Default: true
If true, then display leverage information on the chart
DisplayOtherInformation - Default: false
If true, then display other information on the chart

GUI Parameters

Section of parameters that control how the indicator is displayed on the chart.

DisplayCorner - Default: SDAT_CORNER_TOP_LEFT
Corner of chart in which to display the indicator. You may have to change the X and Y values depending on which corner is selected. The default values for all parameters are set to display in the top left corner.
DisplayStartX - Default: 5
Location along the horizontal line to start text display of labels. Value is in number of pixels.
DisplayValueX - Default: 175
Location along the horizontal line to start display of data values. This location should be greater than the location for the labels. Value is in number of pixels.
DisplayStartY - Default: 10
Location along the vertical line to start display of indicator. Value is in number of pixels.

Font Parameters

Section of parameters that allows the fonts to be changed, which includes font type, name, and size.

FontName - Default: Verdana
Font used to display text for indicator. Can be any font you want.
FontSizeSymbol - Default: 28
Size of font used to display the chart symbol.
FontSizePrice - Default: 18
Size of font used to display the bid/ask prices for the chart symbol.
FontSizeNormal - Default: 12
Default size of font used to display text for indicator.
RowBufferHeight - Default: 5
Amount of space to leave between lines of text in the indicator. Value is in number of pixels.

Color Parameters

Section of parameters that control the colors used to display information on the chart.

ColorSymbol - Default: SteelBlue
Color to use for text of chart symbol.
ColorPrice - Default: DeepSkyBlue
Color to use for bid/ask prices of chart symbol.
ColorLabel - Default: SteelBlue
Color to use for labels in the indicator.
ColorNormal - Default: DeepSkyBlue
Color to use for data values in the indicator.

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Example Usage
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Basic Example
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Date/Time Example
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Leverage Example
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Lot Example
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Margin Example
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Swap Example
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Tick Example
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