• High leverage available (1:1000).
  • Plenty of funding options
  • Charges commission on trades
  • Spreads seem to be large for a broker that also charges commission on trades. BE AWARE of spreads on Sunday open. This is where the broker steals a lot of money. They will increase spreads on the most liquid pairs, i.e. EUR/USD, to 100+ pips or whatever it takes to cause a stop-out.
  • Swap rates seem kind of large
  • Be sure to use ECN account. Other types of accounts have frequent re-quotes and making trades can be difficult.
  • Filling orders seem to be very slow during day trading or when the market is very active. You can literally watch the price action and slippage taking place.
Broker Tricks
  • I suspect the broker is using the Virtual Dealer plugin, which is a plugin for MetaTrader brokers and really places traders at a great disadvantage.
  • The first trick I have seen is with price/spread manipulation. They will hold a price against you and try to manipulation the spread and price in order to get a margin call. Then they will remove the price hold and allow the price to move freely. This feature (trick) is something that appears native to brokers using MT4. One way to spot it involves paying close attention to the spread before and after you make a trade. Prior to making a trade you will notice that both bid and ask prices will move up and down. The spread between them may get bigger or smaller, but both numbers will change. Then make a trade. Shortly after the trade, you notice that the bid or ask stops changing while the other number continues to change. That is a signal that the broker is at work on manipulation. The bid/ask may start to move against you and both numbers will change against you. However, the numbers gets close your price, one of the numbers will stop changing depending on your position.
  • Poor Execution. This broker usually has bad execution in normal market conditions. However, fast moving market executions are horrible. Orders often do not get executed due to "off-quotes". Do not use this broker if you want good executions.
  • End of Day Manipulation. Many brokers often manipulate the price just after rollover time (i.e. 5:00 p.m. EST). This broker tends to do it much more than other brokers. It looks like they are trying to clear their books by wildly swinging prices. They try to cover it by blaming liquidation issues but many other brokers have figured out how to manage liquidity.
  • Only use this broker to build an account. Do not leave a lot of money with the broker or they will figure out how to steal it.