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All media related to Forex contained in this section. There are several types of media included. The media is divided into several categories.

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Video Channels

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View specialized channels about different topics in Forex. Each channel is dedicated to a specific aspect related to Forex. Simply click on a channel and view the videos.

  • Forex Trading Strategies - View different Forex trading strategies. All the strategies are not to be taken as fact but are just presented for discussion purposes.
  • Forex Trading Tips - Everyone seems to have advice about trading Forex. You can check out the latest tip videos and see for yourself if any of the tips have any value. Be warned that no tip should be taken with doing your own home work.
  • Forex Trading Software - Software dedicated to trading Forex is starting to appear more often. Check out some of the latest software.
  • Forex Channel - View miscellaneous videos about Forex.
  • Foreign Exchange Market - View miscellaneous videos about Foreign Exchange Market.
  • Forex Peace Army - View videos published the the social network of Forex Peace Army.
  • Forex4Noobs - View videos made to help new Forex traders. Please be advised that videos are only for educational purposes and should not be used as trading advice.
  • Trade Advisor Pro - View more videos made to help new Forex traders.
  • Trading Computers - View more videos about trading computers.
  • Financial Movies - Various movies with a financial theme.
  • Wall Street Warriors - The short-lived reality series about Wall St.
  • Motivation - Motivational videos with a focus on business, strategy, and psychology.
  • Forex Trader Lifestyle - Videos about the lifestyle of Forex traders.


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View videos published by trading professionals. Most of the professionals specialize in Forex but some may be specialist in other trading fields. All of the professionals may not be traders but may be authors and motivational speakers. Some may just be entertainers.

  • BK Forex Videos - View videos published by Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien. These are two of the best traders and analysts in the Forex world. You can count on them to provide well-thought analysis and trades. As always, please do your own homework before trading.
  • Rob Booker - View videos published by Rob Booker. He is a trader and does the Trader's Podcast.
  • Scott Welsh - View videos published by Scott Welsh. He is a trader and does a lot of good work on trading robots.
  • Timothy Sykes - View videos published by Timothy Sykes. He is not a Forex trader but has found success in his own trading niche. His videos are entertaining if nothing else. He takes a different approach to motivating his students.
  • Tim Grittani - View videos published by Tim Grittani. He comes out of the Tim Sykes trading challenge and is the first publicly announced millionaire student..
  • Cameron Fous - View videos published by Cameron Fous. He is not a Forex trader but has found success in his own trading niche. His business seems to be similar to Sykes but has his on spin on things.
  • Jason Stapleton - View videos published by Jason Stapleton. A trading educator that teaches many concepts. Works with Akil Stokes.
  • Akil Stokes - View videos published by Akil Stokes. A trading educator that teaches many concepts. Works with Jason Stapleton.


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View channels published by companies related to Forex trading. The companies may be brokers, software companies, or any other type of business with an interest in Foreign Exchange.

  • FXCM Videos - View videos published by Forex Exchange Capital Markets. They are overall one of the best FX brokers in the business. Being a publicly traded company in the USA they have an added level of scrutiny on their business that is not seen with many other brokers. FXCM also offers very good trading platforms.
  • IBFX Videos - View videos published by IBFX (InterbankFX). The company was bought by the Monex Group but has been shut down in U.S.
  • - View videos published by The company bought GFT Forex, which has the Dealbook platform.
  • OANDA - View videos published by OANDA. The company is one of the best in the industry.
  • NinjaTrader Videos - View videos published by NinjaTrader Software. The software has been used in general trading for a number of years with a very loyal following. The NinjaTrader channel provides educational material about the software and other topics.
  • Dukascopy TV - View videos published by Dukascopy.


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View channels dedicated to trading Forex. These channels are created from live trading sessions but are not real-time and may be edited in some cases by the author.

Software Development

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View channels about computer programming for the Forex market.